- We place 80 ml double espresso to the shaker or blender with 10 ice cubes.
- We add the quantity of sugar we wish and then stir until the mix is frozen.
- We transfer the mix to a bigger glass (250 ml) and add the cold cream.
- Finalize your decoration and flavor by adding on the top some chocolate powder.

Breaking down the Steps...

  • Place 100ml of fresh milk into the blender and shake until you see dense foam. Or place 100 ml milk and 2 ice cubs into the blender and skake until you see dense foam. Wait for 1' in order for the cream to split from the milk.
  • Prepare 1 or 2 dose of espresso (depends on how strong you wish your freddo to be).
  • Add sugar into the hot espresso mix if you wish and stir well.
  • Add 5 ice cubs in a tall cappuccino. Add the hot espresso mix and stir right away until the coffee gets cold. If needed add some more ice cubs.
  • Get the Cream you have already prepared and add it in the cold espresso drink.
  • You can add some cinnamon or grated chocolate and a straw.

Enjoy your FREDDO


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